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Real Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, abbrevivated as RSS is a common web syndication protocol. Atom is another standard that is growing in popularity. Many websites support RSS/Atom feeds and third party services can provide them where they are not otherwise available.

Most feed readers support both Atom and RSS.


  • News
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Torrents
  • Forum Threads
  • Search Queries
  • Order Tracking
  • Newsletters*
  • Grades
  • Logs
Tip: Avoid using RSS/Atom to receive sensitive information. Anyone with a link to a feed can read its contents.

RSS Bridge

There are convenient web services that provide unofficial RSS feeds. Two risks:

  • The service is snooping in on your business.
  • The service gets rate-limited for sending too many queries.

rss-bridge is a free and open-source PHP project that amends this. rss-bridge will generate RSS or Atom feeds from a local web-server which can be imported to a feed reader. There are public instances of rss-bridge that while unlikely to be rate-limited could still violate your privacy.

YouTube RSS

YouTube supports RSS feeds but does not make them easily accessible. Invidious provides Atom feeds and subscription support. Users may also export their subscriptions to an .opml file for import into a feed reader.


Keep your inbox organized. Services like will create dummy inboxes and server new e-mails over RSS.

Recommended Feed Aggregators

  • Thunderbird has bult in support for RSS/Atom with easy and useful filters.
  • Newsboat provides a minimal and scriptable command line RSS/Atom interface. Replaces newsbeuter.