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Developer(s) mcdev
Written In JavaScript
License No License
"Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign." -J.S. Mill

Millchan is an unlicensed imageboard engine for Zeronet and the name of an imageboard running the software. There is no imposed censorship on Millchan. Users may instead blacklist boards and mute other users to control what content they want to see.

Millchan is named in honor of British individualist John Stuart Mill. The site's philosophy is summarized by the developer, mcdev: "The main idea is to prevent people from imposing their arbitrary opinions about what things should be censored or not onto others. You're allowed to have full control over the things you're willing to see and, ultimately, you're the only person that should have that control."

The board has been around since 2017. Volunteer translators have provided localization in Russian, Simplified Chinese and various other languages.