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Developer(s) Omar Roth
Written In Crystal, JavaScript, HTML
License AGPLv3
Website (various other instances also available)
Demonstration of playback without JavaScript and without connecting to a Google API or CDN.

Invidious is a lightweight and freedom-friendly front-end for YouTube. Using and linking to Invidious instead of YouTube minimizes exposure to Google's servers and APIs. Video proxying can be enabled to watch videos without connecting to the googlevideo CDN. It also does not require JavaScript for video playback and has two Tor .onion addresses.

Invidious is accessible at although it is free-software so anyone could host it on another domain.

Invidious has no advertisements. If you share an invidious link you can rest comfortably knowing the recipient(s) are not financially benefiting Google.

Invidious provides Atom feeds and an internal subscription system.

The Firefox Addon Peertubeify can redirect Invidious links to the same video hosted on Peertube if available.