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Nobody likes ads - they take up screen real estate, violate privacy and waste battery life. In the pre-internet era ads were just part of the package. Ad blocking as well as tracker blocking improve your internet quality of life.


It is purported that without advertisement revenue many sites would close. And who could do without the likes of fake news, endless clickbait videos and other bottom barrel content. If there's a site you wish to support you can always whitelist it.

Ad blockers

Adblock Plus

One of the most popular ad blockers but not recommended. Not to be confused with the original Adblock.

  • Adblock Plus is ineffective for surveillance protection by default as it comes with Acceptable Ads enabled: These ads are not meant to be "ads that don't track you". - FSF

uBlock Origin

Formerly μBlock. The power user choice. Lightweight but not available on mobile.

  • The uBlock project does not support Adblock Plus' "Acceptable Ads Manifesto", because the "Acceptable Ads" marketing campaign is really the business plan of a for-profit entity. - uBlock Manifesto

For more contol see uMatrix.


Block ads across your network.